Sunday, July 12, 2020

How does Cannabis help you with Focus?

ADHD sufferers can relax as now there is a happy alternative to Ritalin and Adderall. MARIJUANA that’s right! Some good old fashioned weed to help you focus and get through your day. It is believed that those with ADHD are missing cannabinoid in their cannabinoid receptors existing in their bodies. The endocannabinoids in the Marijuana […]

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Boosie Concert Shooting, Suspect Caught on Drone Footage

Friday night at a Boosie concert one of the multiple shootings were captured by a drone over the event. The aerial video shows concertgoers at the back of the venue in Gardena Friday night. The shots by the suspect in a blue jacket instantly sent everyone running. So far no one’s been arrested. Video: TMZ […]

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UberAir The Future of Transportation

Los Angeles could have flying taxies as early as 2020. Uber and NASA have partnered up to bring you flying taxi’s it’s aiming to get demo flights running by 2020. An agreement has been signed to work with the federal government to develop low flying, unmanned aircraft. the low altitude would leave behind the necessity […]

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